You Can Know the Truth by Asking Questions

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The theme of “Stories  for Families” today is again teaching our children about knowing the truth.  It is the kind of story that will teach its truth best if it is discussed by adults and children together.  By the way, so far I have decided not to edit the first telling of these stories.  I write them, read them over, think about them, say a prayer, record the stories and then live with their perfections.  Why?  Because, just as in my book, God Is Just Love, I am trying to share with parents, grandparents and others who love children the fact that perfection is not a requirement for teaching our children well.  Love is so much more important than perfection or professionalism.  Just do it.

You and I are not professional story tellers or song writers or perfect teachers of children.  But our love; that is perfect.  It is just exactly what our children need.  “Love never fails.”  Just Love.

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