In Reality, What Is Our Story? Part 1

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Ken Whitt

I have never suffered from of shortage of things to say. My book is about to be published, so that writing is done. Invitations to preach are rare.

In recent days, many thoughts—some are hopefully inspirations—have passed through me without being shared. So, the commitment to write a weekly column for this new website, does not seem like a stretch of any kind. In fact, the difficulty I am aware of is that these pieces need to be short, like an inch or so compared to the yard-long sermon and the million-mile book.

We begin with a few thoughts about creation.

The Hebrew scriptures tell us about the creation; but what they have to say about God’s relationship with the creation is not best know from Genesis. Genesis does tell us that God’s creation is very good; but that is too soon and easily forgotten. The Psalms tell us how that goodness—Just Love–works its way into and through the created world.

The Genesis creation story has been misused and abused by humanity. We have distorted the story and those distortions have led to massive and cataclysmic damage to the good creation. We determined—only we did this—that the story gave us the right to dominate creation; to use it for our own purpose and only for that human-centered purpose. As the supposed pinnacle of creation, we could take what we wanted and turn the rest into garbage, in we wanted it that way. Everything was made for us, and the rest of creation–land, air, water, plants, animals—is there only to serve our bidding. God won’t care. Of course not. God is the One who made it all for us and the One who told us to boss it around.

An abomination. Human hubris/arrogance at its worst.

My favorite creation story in the Bible is found in Psalm 104. Read it with an open heart:

God makes grass grow for the cattle..,
The trees of the Lord are well watered,
the cedars of Lebanon that Just Love planted.
There the birds make their nests;
the stork has its home in the junipers.
The high mountains belong to the wild goats;
the crags are a refuge for the coneys.

King David – Psalm 104

For what and for whom has God specifically designed the creation? The whole shebang.

What within the creation brings God joy? Everything.

For what and for who was the creation designed to provide everything needed? All.

What and who shows forth the glory of the Creator God? The entirety.

Where can God be seen? Everywhere.

Where can Christ (The One who brought it all into being and holds it all together.) be found? In all Time, Everywhere and in Everything.

Just Love created a world where everything depends on everything else; where one thing flourishes, and then another; where everything, in its turn, lives and dies. Where everything takes what it needs in its season of life, and leaves the rest for the life season of another. Except for some human beings. This particular culture, of which we are a part, decided and decides to take it all.

Human Beings lived on this Earth for something like 3,00,000 years before deciding—that means “choosing,” a free-choice decision—to take it all. We didn’t always live that way. We don’t have to live that way. We have the capacity to make a different free-choice decision.

Likely, we won’t. But, we could. Some of us still may.

Those human beings, knowing good and evil like God, decided to take it all. And that is the way it has been for about 10,000 years. No limits. It may be a long time before Just Love’s intention for a balance of seasons for life and death can be restored. Where is the good news in that?

Stay tuned.

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