In Reality, What Is Our Story? Part 2

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Ken Whitt


“There is something fundamentally flawed about human beings. The bottom line is that there is something irreparably broken about you. There is something wrong with me too, that cannot be fixed. Humanity is damaged goods. It has been that way from the beginning. The proof is in the pudding. And in the scriptures. We cannot get life right. We are incapable of living rightly. The proof is in the wars, genocides, crimes, oppression, racism, greed, and now human caused climate chaos. We cannot stop murdering each other and the co-inhabitants of the planet earth. We cannot even stop the abortion of the human adventure; you could call it a mass suicide.

Even worse, we cannot see and tell the truth about our self-destructive ways.  The consequences are rising up from the sea and the land and falling down from the sky. The sixth mass extinction on the planet earth is upon us. And it is all because homo sapiens are irredeemably flawed. It’s too bad.  There is nothing we can do.” 

Whose story, myth, belief, opinion is that?  Are those paragraphs describing the original-sin-filled character of human beings your opinion of yourself, and all your kind?  Is self-destructive ruination our inescapable destiny; always has been?  

Friends, I don’t believe it. In fact, a song just came to mind that suggests that this self-destruction and decimation of everything else, may have been going on only for about 10,000 years.  “The Great Mandala,” by Peter, Paul and Mary, has an oft repeated chorus that says that the murder and mayhem, the violence and oppression, have, …been going on for 10,000 years.” And, we cannot get off this wheel of misfortune. 

Friends, I don’t believe this either.  

The 10,000 years part may be accurate.  I have heard and read this number before. Some experts date the beginning of “human civilization” to 10,000 years ago, in the Fertile Crescent.  That’s when we all, the human race, started making things of supposed consequence happen.  When history began. When civilization started going forward for, at the moment, about 10,000 years. 

What was going on before then, in the hundred’s of thousands of years homo sapiens inhabited the planet prior to the beginning of history?  Pre-history?  What a vague term.  What does pre-history refer to?  NOTHING!  Nothing that matters.  Don’t bother yourself about them…them… “insignificants”. 

Personally, I think it might be worth-while knowing more about them “insignificants”, that NOTHING.  The SOMETHING that we call human history, civilization, has, it seems to me, not been all that civilized. Is it conceivable that human beings who lived successfully—we know they were successful because they maintained their way of live for hundreds of thousands of years and often preferred death to surrender to our culture—knew something that our culture, dying as it is after only 10,000 years, did not know?  Desperately needs to know? 

Stay tuned.  

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