We Can and Must End This Damnable Isolation:

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Some of the suffering within this covid crisis is visible to everyone; 400,000 dead in the USA.  Some of the suffering is invisible to when hearts and eyes are closed; the economic crisis within minority and low-income families.  Some of the suffering is invisible to almost everyone; a mental health calamity, including the distress of thousands of moms.

Some of these moms tottered on the knife edge of instability before the current health crisis; poor, black, single, underpaid.

Now, oh my God!  They want to scream!

But, not just the moms most severely impacted.  In a still patriarchal culture.  Strong and capable moms carry more of their share of the load; now even their knees are collapsing under the weight of home schooling, higher unemployment, isolation, homelessness…

I am not solving this mental health crisis by naming it.  But I am naming it, and I am posting two signs:

Uplift a Mom  

Upend the Isolation

How do you “uplift” a mom?  You can figure that one out without my help.  Do it today.

How do you “upend” the isolation?  That’s more difficult.  It requires a social revolution towards sustainable communities.  What are sustainable communities? 

  • Depression era extended families.
  • Emerging extended family structures.
  • Indigenous tribal peoples. 
  • The New Testament Church. 
  • The Amish. 
  • Neighborhoods willing to get real about what real people need most.  
  • Christian Communities like the Bruderhof. 
  • Villages that have retained their vitality as the culture continues its rush towards scattering families and isolating the elderly.

The revolution begins with telling a truth that within the covid crisis has become more obvious.  Living in isolation is not healthy for moms, children, the elderly and every other kind of human being.  It will not be that long before this fact becomes undeniable everywhere.  Good neighbors must become better neighbors must become best neighbors.

If you have convinced yourself that everything will soon be fine, like when everyone is vaccinated we can return to normal, please reconsider.  If necessary, read the following article, “I’ve Said Good-Bye to ‘Normal,’ You Should, Too.”  The times? They are a changin’!  No doubt.

Opinion | I’ve Said Goodbye to ‘Normal.’ You Should, Too. – The New York Times (nytimes.com)

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