There is Nothing that Beats The Family Together at Christmas?

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What do you think of that? I have often said that. But, my friend John just told me that he and his wife, grandparents to a large and marvelous family, will be home alone for Christmas this year; so will we. And millions of others. What are we going to be doing about that?

Let me tell you the short version of a story. Sixteen years ago, I suddenly learned I would be home alone for Christmas. The circumstances were complex and painful. I was working, part of a recovery process, as a full-time volunteer at a homeless shelter in Cincinnati. The kids were coming for Christmas, but changed their minds. I had been learning the hard way, for years, how often love works in difficult and changing circumstances—like most of 2020—so I prayed about it. I invited 6 homeless men to my home for Christmas. Lots of plans had to be made and details attended to. The result? I was told, time and time again, that for those men, I had created the most loving Christmas they had ever experienced. It became that also for.

For my friend John and our wives and our neighbors, homeless and otherwise, how will Just Love show us the way for this year to the best Christmas of all? Why don’t you ask? Why don’t we pray?

Lord of Life, Creator of all that is, all the possibilities of Love, all the wonder that might yet be; show us your way for us to be love in this Advent season time that is both crazy and painful and full of unexpected ways for Christ to be born in our hearts and our word within Christmas 2020. Amen.

Love always finds a way.

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