The Times? They Are A’Changin

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More Quickly Than Most of Us Were Able to Imagine

Based on the available facts, and recommendations of magazines like Forbes, millions of seniors over the past decade choose perilous places to live out their golden years. Why?  Climate change denial.   The only city in the United States that has been on the Forbes top ten list throughout the past decade is Fargo, North Dakota.  How did that happen?  Climate change denial.

Forbes Contributing Editor, William P Barrett, writes:

In picking places for retirement, you also want to go outside without broiling or constantly worrying about evacuating to higher ground.

I was shocked when I saw the AARP cover story and read it a couple of times.  But I was not stunned by the content.  What was astonishing is that AARP was so forthright and so thorough in telling its readers the details about how their lives are already being impacted by climate change.  AND, by how quickly, as the article reveals, the facts are changing, for the worse.  The consequences of various predicaments (Climate change is only one of many intersecting predicaments we are facing.  Consider also pandemic, resource depletion, autocratic governance, global economic chaos…) are flooding and burning even pretty much secure Americans NOW instead of in some distant future, well beyond our lifetimes.

As much as I appreciate AARP’s efforts to open the eyes of seniors, I also immediately understood the severe limitation of their article as they sought to address, not the future per se, but the immediate concerns of seniors.

The immediate concerns of seniors certainly include our economic interests, but millions of us have evolved far beyond our self-interest.  What I mean will become clear as you read the letter I just wrote to the editors of the AARP Bulletin.

June 19, 2021

Dear AARP Friends,

            I am an avid reader of the AARP Bulletin.  And, I am a father of four and a grandfather of 13, from ages 2-26.

            Thank you!!!  I am extremely grateful that the cover story for June 2021 featured a thorough telling of the truth on how climate change is already impacting our lives.  I pray that this truth-telling will break through some of the denial that is causing many seniors to miss opportunities to make significant life enhancing decisions.

            Personally, I rarely use the phrase “climate change” anymore because it so severely understates the current predicaments humanity faces.  I favor “climate crisis” and “climate chaos.”  Some of us seniors, as your article clearly affirms, are already living amidst this crippling chaos.  But still, after decades of “climate warming” denial, your article is a great leap forward.

            Please, be patient with me as I try to, briefly I hope, share what I see as the primary limitation of your article.  The article seems to assume that what we older folks primarily need is to be awakened to the consequences that affect us personally.  However, my work with parents, grandparents, children and grandchildren, and my very focused study and writing over the past five years, including reading about 125 books, writing one of my own…

God Is Just Love, Building Spiritual Resilience and Sustainable Communities for the Sake of Our Children and Creation

…establishing an on-line presence…

  , or

…and working hands on with extended families, reveals that many seniors have long ago moved far beyond concerns with immediate self-interest.  We are collectively a mix of worry, anxiety, fear, determination and engagement concerning the future of our grandchildren.  What we actively care about the most—and a lot of us are very active—is helping our grandchildren, and future generations—prepare for the impending perils that will inevitably and dramatically change the world they will live in; even in the relatively short term.

            We are ready for anyone, someone, to inspire us and teach us as we seek ways to prepare our children and grandchildren to live whole and purposeful and hopeful and loving lives no matter the circumstances that confront them.

            Can your team provide us with such ways? 

            As I ask that question, I know I have to be willing to help, support and applaud your efforts.  Right at the moment I am working with other authors, influencers, moral leaders parents and grandparents nation-wide, and even globally, on the specific and critical sub-topic. 

            How do we tell the truth to our children? 

            I can guarantee you that there are plenty of resources, people and receptive audiences across America and even globally to work with you and listen to you.

            Thanks for again for your work so far.  Here is hoping that together we can moderate the suffering that is certainly both present now and will increase in the future so that our children have a decent chance at livable and abundant lives.

                                                                                                            Sincerely yours,

                                                                                                            Rev. Dr. Kenneth C. Whitt
                                                                                                            Executive Director, Traces of                                                                                                                    God Ministries
                                                                                                            RR1 Box 571
                                                                                                            Sugar Grove, OH  43155

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