The Third Time Christ Came—Advent III

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In the Christian Bible, the Book of Acts, Paul refers to Advent III when he encounters “The Risen Christ,” on the road to Damascus; and later in Acts, when he is puzzled by where to travel next as a missionary, refers to Christ as “The Spirit of Jesus.” I, and millions of others, could also tell you billions of stories of knowing this Christ personally. My last such story would be from a couple of days ago when, consumed by a clog of fear like the mess I recently clearned out of the bathroom sink, placed that life-diminishing clog in the outstretched hands of Jesus, as He appeared to me in my prayers. As it is sung:

Into my heart, into my heart,
Come into my heart Lord Jesus.
Come in today, come in to stay,
Come into my heart Lord Jesus.

Because the Universal Christ who created everything and holds the entire creation together, is found in every time and in every place, the Spirit of Jesus can strand in front of anyone to receive and take away any and all the fifthy clogs that cheapen life. The importance of this encounter with Jesus is emphasized throughout the Advent and Christmas seasons in songs and prayers and reminders, given especially to children, “You can invite Jesus to be born into your life this Christmas. You can be the manger that provides a welcome place for Jesus to live.”

Where are the welcoming hearts and families and nations where the Christ is in actual fact going to be welcomed? Just like there was no room in the inn when the baby Jesus arrived, and just like the political and economic world of first century palestine, dominated by empire, was an extremely dangerous place for him and many others, so it is today. Still, He is coming!

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