The Sandbox Revolution

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Let me introduce you to a book and its authors.  Our generation of parents and grandparents has a sacred responsibility to prepare our children for the future.  The Sandbox Revolution is a much-needed resource.

This past Monday, my review of this book was published in the Read the Spirit on-line newsletter.  You can access that review and other information about The Sandbox Revolution at  Also, consider getting on that email list to receive a multiplicity of articles each week on various approaches to changing the world.

For the moment, please give your attention to an inspirational prayer within which Lydia Wylie-Kellerman opens us to the wisdom of our children.

May our children change us.
May we heed their cries and listen when their conscience speaks.
May we trust their hearts with the truth.
May we love them for the beings they are.
May our lives and words reject the addiction to systems of oppression.
May we put our bodies on the line, taking greater risks for justice.
May the work be done by hands that span the generations.
May the ancestors and rivers rise up to meet us.
May there be kindness and gentleness,
Deep wailing and belly-aching laughter,
And always wonder and delight,
And may there be blessings upon our heads each time we go out the door.

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