The Calm Before the Storm?

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Humanity is coming face to face with the consequences of our failure to care for the creation and for each other.  Each of us knows what we need to know.  We are all fully able to decide how we are going to live in the midst of these times; for these times are a gift to us and we are a gift the world longs to receive.  (KCW)

Each one of us needs to really get quiet and really listen humbly and see what comes up and then follow that.  In that way, earth is the great organizer, right, it’s not me, it’s not you, it’s not out there, it’s literally really coming up through each of us, and we are all going to get our own custom made individual marching orders.  Really listen.  Find ways to listen.  I do it in mostly in nature.  Others do it in meditation…However you listen, really listen and then, when you get it, commit your life doing that fully, regardless of the risk, to doing what you are told.  Once you get that download, do what you are told. 

(Dahr Jamail, author of, “The End of Ice.”)

Remember—An Opportunity to Listen

Earth Day Climate Justice Conversation
Thursday, April 22, 3:00 PM
The Creator Speaks in the Voices of Our Global Servants
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