Teaching Our Children About Truth – Fred the Fat Frog

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You will not succeed in teaching your children everything they need to know about truth.  Yet, you are always teaching them about truth, through word and deed.  You can teach them that knowing and telling the truth is a life-long learning goal that is extremely important and often takes a lot of effort.  Some truth lessons just happen when they need to happen.  Yet, we need to be intentional.  Carefully choose stories to tell that cover various facets of this topic.

Awhile back I wrote a story, “A Fat Frog Named Fred,” in order to teach some children about how we decide what is true.  We live in a culture where lying has become a culture destroying fact of life.  Fraudulent business leaders sometimes lie about their products and profits.  Politicians sometimes lie about their purposes and plans.  Preachers sometimes lie about their moral behavior.  Everybody thinks that some news broadcaster, or another, is lying.

A mean joke is told, with various professions or peoples being the victims:

How do you know when [some category or other] are lying?

When their mouths are moving.    

We laugh.  But the joke is a lie, and lies hurt.

Children must learn how to tell the truth from the lie, so I wrote the story about the fat frog named Fred to help them along.  It goes like this:

(Note to viewers of the story.  This my first draft of the first story video I have ever created.  I would like your critique and your suggestions of other stories about Truth or story videos you create to share with this audience.)

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