Starting All Over Again to Know Jesus

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So, he left them and went away once more
and prayed the third time, saying the same thing.
Then he returned to the disciples and said to them,
 “Are you still sleeping and resting? 

Matthew 26:44

What do we learn about the Father from the Son in Matthew’s account of the solitary struggle of Jesus in the garden?

We learn that the Father’s emotional response to the incapacity of His beloved children to do the next right thing, like staying awake, is not condemnation.  It is not even anger.  It is not even disappointment. Rather the response of God to the many ways we are not able to be the beloved ones, that God hopes we will be, is sorrow.  In fact, that sorrow, rather than the judgement we deserve, is one of the characteristics of Just Love that attracts us, and encounters us, whenever we wake up, or return home repentant, to the Father.            

Love includes sorrow.  No way around it.  No way to escape the mourning.  No way to dodge the suffering that often follows the extension of Just Love to someone we love.  When we allow the love of Jesus to live in and through us, we too will weep.

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