Spring at the Organic Garden in Hide-A-Way Hills

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THE CIRCLE OF LIFE: It is that time again; the time for planting. It is the time for what has died to become life. I no longer find it useful to think of death and life as opposites. They are one and the same. One leads to the other as surely as sparks fly upward. Neither is of more value than the other. From the perspective of eternity and Reality, neither is to be feared. Both are expressions of love unfolding, as it has been from the beginning. The whole circle of life is to be embraced or we hold on to nothing.

That which is true for a seed the gardener plants in the darkness of earth’s soil is also true for experiences of darkness that are as painful shadows in our lives. The refusal to accept death is also the repudiation of joy.

“When you find yourself in times of trouble…let it be.” When you find yourself in times of exuberant living, flaming colors, overwhelming joy, quiet peace, profound hope or…Just Love…let it be.

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