Melissa and Matt Fink and Family

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I would like to introduce you to the family of Melissa and Matt Fink. They have four children, Isaiah is 11, Maya 9, Hudson 4 and Malaya 3. (She is not in these photos because she is taking a nap. She is totally cute, loves to sing and seems to love me—very discerning child!)

I met them first when Matt, Melissa and I were members of of an antiracism group at our church, Sanctuary Church Columbus. Now I am leading a community group they joined at our church that meets weekly on zoom.

The older children are, obviously, helping me introduce you to a promotional t-shirt for my new book, God Is Just Love. I also want to celebrate that Maya and Isaiah are terrific big-brother/sister to Malaya and Hudson, who came to their family as foster children and then were adopted into the loving Fink family.

We had a pizza lunch the other day and they taught me a wonderful new table grace that Melissa wrote. Hudson and Malaya led the prayer:

Thank You God for this food
and that we are together.
Thank you God for blessing us,
so we can care for others.
Help us to do what is right and kind
even when it’s hard.
And thank you for the differences
they make us who we are! Amen.

A section in my book is all about teaching our children to pray, especially prayers that take our unique circumstances into account; as the Fink Family grace does. Hopefully many of you who love and care for children will share with us your prayers and other family ways that you and your children learn to be hope and love; and care for the creation; and celebrate diversity; and love your neighbors. You are invited to send in your photos and prayers and stories!

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