Letter to Readers

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            Beginning last week, a new feature was added to your Weekly Whittlings, making it easier for you to share “the message” with others.  Attached to each article is a series of social media links you can use to forward an item to others.  Maybe you have a friend with a particular interest.  Or, you think an idea is worth sharing with a larger audience.  Or, maybe you simply want to add your voice to mine by adding a comment or two before you post it elsewhere.  Also, I need all the help I can get to spread the word on some topics that are not easy for people to take seriously.  Thanks for considering this opportunity.

            And here is another opportunity, thanks to the Rev. Nancy Wilbanks, Pastor of the First Baptist Church of Littleton, Massachusetts (where I served 1979-1989) we now have available an excellent study guide for book study groups.  If you start such a group, I will email you, or snail mail if you prefer, a copy of the guide at no cost.  And, if you are interested in buying a quantity of books for a book study, or any other reason, please contact me and we will work out a significant discount.  drkenwhitt@gmail.com

Looking Forward, Ken

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