Letter to Readers:

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         The core of this issue of “Whittlings” is a sermon preached in 1989 at the First Baptist Church of Littleton MA.  But the intended audience then and now was and is all of humanity that is hell-bent on destroying the creation within which we live and move and have our being.

            There is truth that can set each of us, all of us, all of creation, free from our suicidal “bondage to decay,” as this destruction is named by Paul in Romans 8:21.  First ,we have to pay attention much more to Jesus and much less to the secular religion of perpetual progress and the materialistic values of our culture.

            Prayerfully yours, Ken

PS—I have a friend of 38 years who has created many videos to teach people about the specifics of this bondage and the predicaments humanity faces.  Here are a couple of Michael Dowd’s slides that are helpful to me. (Let me know if you want to access some of his podcasts.)

            The first slide presents my own conviction that the idolatrous religion of perpetual progress is actually the belief system that dominates industrial societies. Prophets that suggest otherwise are condemned as “false.”  Almost everyone in these societies acts as if there are no limits to what we can consume and the damage to the creation that we can get away with.

               The second slide remembers two of the most important prophets of the 20th century, who, along with many other voices, warned us of the dire consequences of our idolatry.  Human’s must live within the limits of the creation we have been given and care about all of the life which we depend on for our well being—for example, the trees and the micro organisms that produce the oxygen necessary for our survival.

               The third slide strongly affirms that there are actual benefits to recognizing, despite the pain associated with such awareness, now much trouble humanity has caused for ourselves and our progeny and the entire earth community—as in the suffering inhrent is knowing the fact that we are already living in the midst of the 6th mass extinction.  Personally speaking, my witness is that I am already experiencing these benefits at the same time that I know how far we have already fallen.

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