Let’s Keep Our Eyes Open To See the Truth.

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This Article is Written To
Anyone Who Has Recently Begun to End Their Denial
That Climate Change is Real.
Thank You!

The Klamath Basin on the Oregon/California When All Was Well

Friends, I will try to make this article simple and brief and give you a clear and current example of the realities the creation and Creator need us to see.

Unfortunately, climate change, or climate warming, is not the only predicament humanity is facing.  The reality is that we are living in the midst of a throng of interconnected, impossible to completely fix, perils.  Climate change is only the most frequently denied.  There are, for example, the on-going water-wars that are a response to changing circumstances in the United States and globally.

New water wars are erupting nationally and globally and will intensify.

This new battle is another early window into a rapidly building regional, national and global crisis, that will cause increasing conflict. For example, in Nevada drought has contributed to drastically reduced water levels in Lake Mead.  This could (will?) result in reduced water being available to California.  How big is the risk that this will irreparably damage food production in the region?  If this question matters to you, please do your homework.

If your were a decision maker near the Oregon and California border you would have to choose between the rights of wild-life to thrive in Oregon and/or California and the rights of farmers to survive and grow the nation’s food. 

What would you do?

What other unavoidable quandaries are headed our way?

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