Is, God Is Just Love, Best Read as a Member of a Book Study Group?

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Hi Ken,

It was a pleasure to have you at our closing session of the book group. Having you with us made the whole book group experience 10x better as you gave us your input and I hope that it was helpful for you to visit with us as well.

As to your questions, I wanted to give you some feedback and I hope that you find it interesting and helpful. I especially liked your sharing about your home in Ohio, and how you are trying to implement sustainable living practices there. I feel it accomplished an emphasis on aspects of the book that are most important to you. This made the whole book group over the 6 or so weeks we met more interesting for me.

God is Just Love is a book that puts the Christian experience in a new light that includes both a spiritual and a scientific perspective. I am a research scientist, and I have questions in my mind of how my faith can be more relevant in light of my science background. The book gives some insight into the questions that someone with a scientific mindset might ask about faith in God. The book God is Just Love makes relevant points about how creation is a vibrant expression of the love of God in the world. The main message of the book that “God is Just Love”, is presented clearly, and makes for an interesting and inspiring book.

Thanks for joining our last session – I really enjoyed it. I sent my review to Amazon, and look forward to hearing more about what is going on at Hide A Way Hills from your website.


Book Study Group

Here Is An Opportunity!

Where there is one, there may be many.  I have a friend in New York State who would like to participate in a zoom group to read and discuss, God Is Just Love.

But she does not have a group.
How about we create one, or two, or three, or…
She would like to meet on a week-day morning.  How about you?
Let me know of your interest and I will connect readers to form a community, or two, or three…
Sure.  I will meet with you as often as you like.
This could give me a chance to test the nearly complete

“Study Guide for ‘God Is Just Love’.”

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