The Big Picture

How determined are you to put all the pieces together in order to see Reality, instead of illusion? Is it important to you to learn to see the world more and more as God sees? The value of such sight, of course, is that as our vision/version of the world becomes more grounded in the truth, it becomes more and more likely that we will make life enhancing decisions.

Maxton & Makenna make topsoil

Our most significant resource on the planet Earth is fertile soil. Each year we lose 24 billion tons.
The planet is dying.
You can speed up the process by which this precious resource is renewed. It may be the most significant single thing you can do for the future of the children you love.

Adults and Children Together

I am excited to introduce to my readers/viewers to one of my favorite storytellers. She happens to also be one of my favorite sisters-in-law and one of the most supportive collaborators in the writing of my book, God Is Just Love. In the center of the photo above is Jessie Kerr-Whitt.