In Reality, What Is Our Story? Part 4

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Looking Reality in the face can be a bummer! What a drag it can be to come eye-ball to eye-ball with the way things really are, especially when you’ve bet your life on the way things really aren’t! And, you didn’t even know about the bet!

All your eggs are in one basket. An elephant’s foot comes crashing down. Everything you counted on for abundant life, even for survival, is squashed. Humpty (a metaphor for the gluttonous, greedy and grasping) is smug no more. He has fallen and he is broken. Neither he nor you even noticed the precarious precipice on which he sat—you sit!

Reader: “Geez! You can’t expect me to believe that things in my world are that bad?”

In Reality, what is our story?

In reality, to keep using a variety of metaphors in hopes of getting your attention, the sky is falling! Yeah, I know, not the sky over your home in the suburbs or my home in the hills. But, can’t you agree with me that falling sky has already destroyed the habitats of millions of plants, animals and people? Can’t you hear the cries? See the fires? Feel the grief? Taste the pollution? Smell the fear? Grieve the suffering of others?

I say, “Denounce the denial!”

I say, “See the reality of the damage already done. Skip quickly past the quilt phase and proceed immediately to doing better, being better.” And, telling the truth.

Look. I cannot prove what I am about to say. Yet, I totally believe it. There is an enormous amount of evidence that we have been gilded-gazing at the wrong big picture of our lives. We have been duped. The dream of the good life, having more, doing more, seeking more always, is a nightmare. The wrong dream means that we arrive at the wrong destination; and the destination at which we have arrived is a civilization in ruin.

And it has been going on for 10,000 years.

Question: What has been going on for 10,000 years?

Answer: The pursuit of MORE using the varied methodologies of TAKING, stealing from the earth and from others, conquering the creation, and others.

Instead of a world where every community (nation, village, tribe) leaves every other community alone (except for an occasional foray into their territory to remind them that they better not mess with us, and vice versa, which is pretty much the way of indigenous cultures) someone decides that they can use their agricultural surplus (Some refer to this as totalitarian agriculture.) to fund a warrior class and invent powerful weapons. The goal of the culture, our culture, became both taking and accumulating. Take from the earth. Take from a neighbor. Sometimes, take and destroy. Sometimes, take and assimilate. Either way the culture of the “insignificants” gets obliterated and more and more of humanity believes that what is yours is mine, if I am strong enough to beat you up.

That leaves us with a world of perpetual insecurity, ever increasing gaps between the rich and the poor, ever increasing misery; wars, poverty and famine and…da da da da da…denial.

This is the story of our culture. You don’t believe it? Have you looked into it? Have you not noticed the writing on the wall? The signs of the times? I certainly hope someone reacts to this article by denying that this is our story or arguing with me or writing me a nasty note; something to indicate that attention is being paid and a conversation can begin.

Probably, next week I will conclude this series by outlining a better way to live, which must begin by redefining the meaning of wealth.

Comments? Questions? Points of view? Stay tuned.

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