1: How do you know that God is Just Love?

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Questions from Readers
How do you know that God is Just Love? 
Ken, how did this become heart instead of just head knowledge?

A couple of times recently, I was asked those questions.  The feature articles of Weekly Whittlings, between now and the end of August, are going to share one my answers.  I will tell you a story with 11 chapters that first appeared in my first book, “The Extraordinary Ordinary Uplifts Us Halfway to Heaven.” 

There simply is nothing in our lives that matters more than the experience of knowing: “God Is Just Love.”  It is the only knowledge that can sustain hope no matter what circumstances we encounter in our lives.  The moment you ask for this knowledge, with all body, mind and spirit, is exactly the moment you begin to find your way towards a life of receiving and giving unconditional love. 

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