Editor’s Letter to Readers

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Dear Friends,

You may have noticed that “The Times, They Are a Changin’.”

Even faster that when Bob Dylan penned the words and graveled the song in 1963, just as I was beginning high school.

Dylan told us that we had better start swimmin’ to avoid sinking like a stone in the floodwaters of those times.  Today, it is more like we had better start soaring on the wings of the spirit or we will be cast aside like chaff in the extreme climate events, and other un-fixable predicaments, of our times.

So, I keep paying attention and, often with reluctance, surrender to where the spirit is taking me.

The wind is compelling me to stay closer to home so that, for example, I am shifting priorities towards living and serving locally; letting go of “hitting the road” to make presentations and lead events.

I am connecting more now to local communities, neighborhood, church, family, the community of those near at hand who need spiritual counsel.  I need to put less time and effort into this newsletter—but I don’t know how much less.

To float a trial balloon, I will now publish my spiritual formation newsletter semimonthly, on the first and third Wednesdays of each month.  That means that the next issue should arrive in your inbox on October 20.

AND, this newsletter you are reading right now will be much shorter than usual.  Various experiences of grief have been trying to overwhelm me, and many others that I love with all my heart, during the past month.  With paying attention to those issues, in prayer and with care, my time and energy and spiritual resources are focused there.  Including today, and yesterday, and the day before, etc.

Still, by adding a significant addition to a previously published article—as requested by my book editor, David Crumm—this letter will be followed by an offering to you, for you also are, or will soon be, assaulted by grief.

I hold you in love and prayer, and with the strength given me, extend those gifts to as wide a circle as possible.

In Christ, Ken

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