Earth Day Conversation with American Baptist Global Servants
You Are Invited!

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SEEING REALITY THROUGH MISSIONARY EYES: For as long as I can remember, sitting around the dining room table with a guest missionary was as a spiritual mountain-top. (I have clear memories of listening to and feeling awe in the presence of missionaries back as far as the sixth grade, 60 years ago.) These Christian servants from far away brought stories of amazing ministries, abiding faith and inspiring miracles into my life.

“Missionaries know stuff?” That’s what I have been certain of for a very long time. Missionaries, working courageously outside of my comfortable communities and cozy culture, tell me the truth about what is right and what is wrong in the world. Through their eyes I have long been seeing what I could not or would not otherwise perceive. They speak truth.

You are invited to sit in on a global conversation on the predicaments facing humanity, including extreme weather events, the depletion of critical resources such as water, the flood of climate refugees—our sisters and brothers in Christ–seeking someplace to call home.

The presenters will open our eyes to both the courage and the suffering of our global partners and to what they have to teach us about faith, hope and love. Read the above flyer. Register by sending an e-mail to Rebecca Driscoll, Direct questions and input to me, The Spirit is moving among us!

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