Drinking Contaminated Water With the Children

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If the message of Jesus has been corrupted, and it has (divisions, condemnations, exclusions, crusades, inquisitions, klu klux klan, religious wars), how do we talk about this with our children? Here is an idea. Drink contaminated water with them.

We just had four inches of show. I collected a bucket of it after it had a few days to get dirty, brought it inside to melt and poured the water into a glass jar. Then I had to talk the kids, and their parents, into drinking it.

Grandpa: When water is too dirty to drink, but it is the only water you have, what can you do?

Makenna: You can boil the water for a long time.

Mom: There are also other ways to clean the water, like filtering it.

Grandpa: I brought along a gift for your family. It is one kind of water filter, called a “Water Filter Straw.” Who wants to drink first?

Chad: Yuk! Not me!

Maxton: Big brothers go first….

Grandpa: Well that didn’t kill any of us. Now, I have another lesson to share. This is the Christmas season, right? And every evening at dinner you light a candle on your Advent wreath. Why do you do this?

Caylee: Christmas is the birthday of Jesus.

Grandpa: Dad, why don’t you remind us why it is important to remember the birthday of Jesus.

Dad: Jesus was sent into the world by God to love everyone. Jesus taught us to love each other, to love everyone.

Grandpa: But over the years sometimes Christians have changed the message of Jesus. They have hated other people in Jesus’ name, even killed people. We have to keep returning to the Bible to learn more and more about Jesus and we can and must keep praying to God to show us the best ways to follow Jesus.

Mom: That’s just like using our water filter straw to clean the water. Sometimes we have to clean up the message so that everyone knows that Jesus is all about loving God and loving our neighbors as we love ourselves.

Grandpa: Sometimes we have to filter what other people say about Jesus and take out the bad ideas. Jesus actually did that often; like when the disciples thought Jesus was too busy to love the children. Jesus is never too busy for you! Remember:

Jesus loves the little children,
All the children of the world.
Red and yellow, black and white,
They are precious in his sight.
Jesus loves the little children of the world.

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