Resources For Climate Justice & Climate Disruption Trauma–Preparation & Recovery

Building justice, including climate justice, and lifting folks out of trauma, like the trauma children are experiencing from climate disruption, uplifts them and their care-givers, even if it is often an exhausting and difficult work.  But everyone involved in this work needs resources.  So, I am going to share just a few of the ones I encountered and utilized this past week.

A Zoom Conversation: In the Midst of Extreme Climate Events and Other Perils, What and How do we teach our children? Sat Sept 4th @ 12:30p Eastern

We are looking forward to gathering together: concerned parents and grandparents, any age-appropriate children who may wish to participate, folks who are active content creators (video, written, other…) who are interested sharing what they now produce for this community of collapse-aware families – and possibly interested in evolving their media content to be even more beautiful, engaging, informative, and supportive.


I preached this sermon last Sunday at the chapel in our community here in the hills of Southeastern Ohio.  The message is personal, confessional, and focused on the impossibility of our being peacemakers unless we know the deep within of ourselves.

4: An Innocent Question

Reinhold had traveled before under the strictures of communist and other coercive governments, he told me, and it was never possible for Americans to figure out what behavior would or would not build binding ties to our Baptist brethren nor what behavior would incur the wrath of the oppressors. “Just make sure you are listening to God.”

Letter to Readers

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