The Corruption of the Womb of God

If we understand, metaphorically, that the entire creation dwells within the womb of God and that our very own lives are sustained within this womb through the indwelling presence of Christ, we might, we just might before it is absolutely too late, cease our suicidal destruction of    those life sustaining extensions of God’s grace that we know in the air, water and soil. We might, to speak, metaphorically, cease our suicidal corruption of the womb of God.

Wood Art

We long to actively participate in the creation of beauty.  Kathy weaves stunning rugs on one of her two looms.  I create wood art in my workshop.  These activities are more than simply good.  They are utterly necessary.

Wood Art

As a direct result of what I saw as I rested, only after I had grieved.  I found myself being magnetically drawn into my workshop at every opportunity.  I began playing with new ideas, staring long and hard at the various woods that are found on dozens of shelves and smaller pieces in a plethora of boxes.

Resources For Climate Justice & Climate Disruption Trauma–Preparation & Recovery

Building justice, including climate justice, and lifting folks out of trauma, like the trauma children are experiencing from climate disruption, uplifts them and their care-givers, even if it is often an exhausting and difficult work.  But everyone involved in this work needs resources.  So, I am going to share just a few of the ones I encountered and utilized this past week.