Starting All Over Again to Meet Jesus

Jesus overcame, overturned and overthrew most of the dominant cultural values of His world. He replaced them with the core values of the Kingdom of God. Children were among the first whose lives were transformed by this unconditional love. We all know how cruel life can be in a highly stratified society–for those on the bottom.

The Fourth Time Christ Came, and Comes Again—Advent IV

To be a follower of Jesus is to see Christ everywhere, in everything, all the time, and on into eternity. To be a disciple of Jesus is be love here and now and to be transformed by love as Jesus enters our world again this advent season. To be a believer in Jesus is to know that nothing has, is now, or ever will delay His coming. No fear. Just hope. No despair. Just Love.

Thanksgiving via Zoom

Our family tradition includes a devotional gathering before the Thanksgiving Feast. This year that gathering will happen via Zoom. One blessing of this digital connection is that the oldest grandchild, Kasey, will be able to join us—wherever she happens to be. Kasey is a mental health officer in the US Army. She is on assignment with her unit, somewhere, assisting local medical resources overwhelmed by the current health crisis.

Be Prepared, Or Not? Part 4

There are unfolding happenings in our world; damage that has happened (fiery California), is happening now (pandemic), and will happen in the future (population die off from famine), that you cannot possibly prepare for if you are deathly afraid of death. We must build spiritual resilience and learn to grieve.