Trauma Resilience and Healing

How Do We Become Trauma Resilient?
How Do We Recognize and Find Healing from the Traumas that Possess Us?
How Do We Help Others Become Trauma Resilient?
How Do We Help Others Heal from the Traumas that Possess Them?
Why Are These Important Questions More Urgent that Ever?

Wood Art

As a direct result of what I saw as I rested, only after I had grieved.  I found myself being magnetically drawn into my workshop at every opportunity.  I began playing with new ideas, staring long and hard at the various woods that are found on dozens of shelves and smaller pieces in a plethora of boxes.

Shifting Priorities

“The Answers, My Friends, Are Blowing in on the Winds of the Spirit”

For months now, the Spirit seemed to be nudging me towards a revision in my priorities as a spiritual director.  This week that nudging became an emerging call that I must respond to. 

A Zoom Conversation: In the Midst of Extreme Climate Events and Other Perils, What and How do we teach our children? Sat Sept 4th @ 12:30p Eastern

We are looking forward to gathering together: concerned parents and grandparents, any age-appropriate children who may wish to participate, folks who are active content creators (video, written, other…) who are interested sharing what they now produce for this community of collapse-aware families – and possibly interested in evolving their media content to be even more beautiful, engaging, informative, and supportive.


I preached this sermon last Sunday at the chapel in our community here in the hills of Southeastern Ohio.  The message is personal, confessional, and focused on the impossibility of our being peacemakers unless we know the deep within of ourselves.