In Reality, What Is Our Story? Part 3

The “insignificant” ones are becoming more and more difficult to unearth. They have long been buried amidst the accumulating rubble of civilization; and it has been going on for 10,000 years. We continue to bury them, each and every time that they stand in the way of civilization’s progress; whenever there is gold in them there hills; whenever trees are needed as a cash crop; whenever land can be stripped of beauty and health for the purposes of wealth.

In Reality, What Is Our Story? Part 2

The myth: There is something fundamentally flawed about human beings. The bottom line is that there is something irreparably broken about you. There is something wrong with me too, that cannot be fixed. Humanity is damaged goods. It has been that way from the beginning…

In Reality, What Is Our Story? Part 1

In recent days, many thoughts—some are hopefully inspirations—have passed through me without being shared. So, the commitment to write a weekly column for this new website, does not seem like a stretch of any kind. In fact, the difficulty I am aware of is that these pieces need to be short, like an inch or so compared to the yard-long sermon and the million-mile book.