Be Prepared, Or Not? Part 4

There are unfolding happenings in our world; damage that has happened (fiery California), is happening now (pandemic), and will happen in the future (population die off from famine), that you cannot possibly prepare for if you are deathly afraid of death. We must build spiritual resilience and learn to grieve.

Be Prepared, Or Not? Part 2

Jesus—”Be NOT prepared.” A deep spiritual insight is presented here; the only way to be prepared for the ventures of our lives is to be completely unprepared, totally dependent, walking by faith–with just a few instructions on how to handle the inhospitable people we meet on the way.

Preparing Children

By age twelve, my Boy Scout troop in Ogdensburg, New York was teaching me, reminding me, and teaching me again, to “Be Prepared.” Funny though, I can’t remember anything in particular that I learned about preparing back then. I don’t recall having a flashlight in my bedroom. I don’t remember any discussion about how to exit the second floor of our home if there was a fire.