The Fourth Time Christ Came, and Comes Again—Advent IV

To be a follower of Jesus is to see Christ everywhere, in everything, all the time, and on into eternity. To be a disciple of Jesus is be love here and now and to be transformed by love as Jesus enters our world again this advent season. To be a believer in Jesus is to know that nothing has, is now, or ever will delay His coming. No fear. Just hope. No despair. Just Love.

The Third Time Christ Came—Advent III

In the Christian Bible, the Book of Acts, Paul refers to Advent III when he encounters “The Risen Christ,” on the road to Damascus; and later in Acts, when he is puzzled by where to travel next as a missionary, refers to Christ as “The Spirit of Jesus.” I, and millions of others, could also tell you billions of stories of knowing this Christ personally.

The Second Time Christ Came—Advent II

To help our children and grandchildren learn to wait patiently we often provide them with Advent calendars which offer up to them a spiritual lesson and, often, a piece of chocolate or other trinket. It helps, but it doesn’t work. “How many more days to Christmas?” remains a popular lament of the little ones.