Dr. Ken Whitt’s new book
God is Just Love

A Long Ride in the “Elevator Speech”:

“God Is Just Love.”  Love is the essence of everything.  You are loved unconditionally.  If you have   difficulty knowing this love, this book is for you.

Both spirituality and science lead us toward the conclusion that God Is Just Love and we are loved unconditionally.  Humanity will have an easier time learning and living this truth when spirituality and science are friends.

Everything is sacred.  Abundant life is life lived in in love with everything.  Humanity has not been living this way for about 10,000 years.  We have done irreparable harm to the earth, ourselves and each other.  We are now living with the consequences.  

None-the-less, we can live each day with joy and hope.  We can do the next right thing to make the future better for our children.  We can find hope.  We can be love.  We can prepare our children to find hope and to be love.  Resilient spirits and sustainable communities are required for this work.

We make choices every day.  How we make these choices and how we live these choices transforms our lives, the lives of others, and the future of everything.  If you long to choose well and live well, no matter what is happening around you, this book is for you.

God is Just Love.  Love never fails.  Love never ends.

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Ken Whitt is the Executive Director of Traces of God, a spiritual formation ministry founded after his retirement from 40 years of service to American Baptist Churches (ABC/USA). Ken’s ministries have focused on nurturing children, youth and families, mission trips, prayer and justice building. Through the ABC, he served on the General Board, the Board of International Ministries and the National Minister’s Council. His love of global diversity extends throughout his entire life from the communities with which he works—to the global variety of woods that fill his woodworking shop. Ken has four children and 11 grandchildren. His wife, Kathy, is a stained-glass artist, weaver, gardener and spiritual director.

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