Speaking Truth to Power

“Ken, that subtitle for this column, ‘Speaking Truth to Power….,’ a reader might begin their feed-back to me, “…can’t possibly mean that you are about to tell me that I can, or even must, teach my children to ‘Speak truth to power.’”

Meet Larry Buxton

Just how important are truth, integrity, reliability? Everyone has to decide who, and what sources, they will trust. Just a couple of days ago, I listened to Larry Buxton’s podcast on leadership and integrity.

Starting All Over Again to Know Jesus

Yesterday, as I pondered this gospel reading for the fourth day in a row, it dawned on me exactly what it was that kept me coming back to the same story. It was in fact the contrast between “doing” and “being;” between “taking ahold of,” verses, “inheriting;” between, “works” and “faith.”