Adults & Children Together

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Micah: Daddy, how much do you love me?
Daddy: As much as the sky. And how much does God love Micah?
Micah: As much as the stars.
Daddy: And how much does Micah love daddy?
Micah: More than the sky.
Daddy: And how much does Micah love God?
Micah: (He looks puzzled.) Daddy, what is more than the stars?
Daddy: Well, the universe has zillions of them.
Micah: Then, more than everything.

If you have not yet seen my new book, God Is Just Love, you are unlikely to recognize that conversation with my son Micah, when he was three years old, as the opening lines of chapter 1. That dialog, and many similar ones, was a familiar bedtime ritual with our children.

Inspiration for those conversations began with a couple of well-loved and frequently read books like, Owly and Guess How Much I Love You. I recommend a wonderful collection of other titles in my book, such as, When God Made You.

There are no children anywhere in this world who do not need to hear such stories, and have such conversations with their care-givers. Many times and stories is not enough. They need a near infinite number of repitions to counteract the poisonous words that far too often blast their fragile minds, hearts and spirits—including the Santa Claus message that all children are divided into two categories, the “good” and the “bad.”

However, then there are the special kids whose being has been busted by neglects, abuses, beatings, poverties, wars and all manner of abandonments and losses. They need interventions. Just Love can and will intervene.

Adults, please, pray for the strength and wisdom to be an expression of this Love often and unconditionally and for Just Love to, at just the right times, heal their wounds, one story at a time.

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