Adults and Children Together

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I am excited to introduce to my readers/viewers to one of my favorite storytellers.  She happens to also be one of my favorite sisters-in-law and one of the most supportive collaborators in the writing of my book, God Is Just Love.  In the center of the photo above is Jessie Kerr-Whitt, wife of my brother Jim, on the right, and our friend Jim Brule on the left.  Jim Brule is a Maggid, the Jewish master story-teller who taught and ordained Jessie as a Maggida.

I invited Jessie to share with you and your children a story related to the theme of what voices we learn to trust to tell us the truth.  This theme is emphasized by Jesus, who certainly was a Master storyteller, in his account of sheep who recognize the voice of the good shepherd, but are not deceived by the voice of the thief.  Thieves, seeking to deceive our children and ourselves, abound in our world.  We must teach our children both to recognize the Master’s voice and to be suspicious of the frauds.

I hope you and your children will enjoy meeting Jessie and learning from this story which is based on the sacred texts of the Hebrew Bible.

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