Adults and Children Together

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A reader adds to our conversations about talking to our children about feelings:

Yes, talking about feelings is so important for kids and adults. Being a foster family for the past many years, discussing sadness, grief, and hurt has often been the topic of conversations with our children ever since our now 9 and 11 year old were 2 and 4. I am grateful we have been able to talk about unknowns of the future and feelings of loss at such young ages. One thing we have payed attention to recently with our kids is being able to experience more than one conflicting emotion at the same time. Feeling happy about something can also have feelings of sadness intertwined with it for it’s own reasons as well. Acknowledging all of the feelings is important. We also take note that everyone is allowed to feel how they feel, and that those feelings should be respected even if another person can’t understand the why behind it. Thanks for your words Ken! (M.F.)

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