Adults and Children Together

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Our friends, the Waldock Family
“Weekly Adventure Day!”
Micah’s caption—“15 Minutes of Prep for 10 Minutes of Play!”

Most of my “dates” with my grandchildren are simply fun and energetic.  But, Makenna is nine and I know has things on her mind.  So, I set up yesterday evenings date differently; we had plenty of time to converse, if she so chose. She chose! “Grandpa, do you ever get angry when you’re playing games? Grandpa, have you ever seen people cheating in school? Grandpa, what do you think of people who smuggle food and drinks into a place where you’re not allowed to bring your own snacks?”

After that last question, she described a girl who filled two balloons with her favorite drink, put them inside her bra and stuck straws out the top. What do you think of that grandpa?  Hilarious laughter!  And that was just the beginning.

Her closing word when I took her home was, grandpa that is the most fun I have ever had.

I wept then, and surprisingly the tears are flowing now also, tears that KNOW how precious such experiences are and also tears of gratitude because I KNOW I have been given this time to fulfill my commitment to the children—that they are job 1.  The time is short.

So much is at stake.  Love to all. Ken

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