Adults and Children Together

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Fred Shaw, of Shawnee Descent, tells us a story in his role as storyteller of the Shawnee Nation.  What is the story about?  The Importance of True and Beautiful Stories, hope and transformation.  If you search YouTube on “Fred Shaw Storyteller” you will find a powerful sermon Fred preached awhile back.

I interviewed Fred last Friday for an article I am writing on “Land Acknowledgment,” which is the practice of identifying, when giving a presentation, the peoples who walked the land we are standing on for thousands of years before us.  He suggested saying something like this:

“Children, we are not the first people to walk on this land.  There have been various human beings   here for as long as 40,000 years.  Scientists, called archeologists, have given them names, like Adena and Hopewell—but these are not what they called themselves.  Where we are today was the home of the Algonquin speaking peoples, including the Shawnee and the Miami and the Iroquoian speaking people, including the Seneca and the Delaware.  We give thanks to these people for taking good care of the land, air, trees and animals.  May we learn from them to take care of all our family members in this beautiful creation.”

Click on the link below to hear Fred Shaw’s story.

You may find that this story is especially meaningful for older children.

 For earlier examples of my attempts to practice land acknowledgment, please see these video stories for children on my YouTube channel.  Search “Dr. Ken Whitt ” for:

“Native Americans Ken & Ashton”, “Archery Why Build An Archery Range”, and “Archery We Are One”.

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