Adults and Children Together

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Let me ask you a Question. Could a child, with her family, perform an act of kindness, motivated by Just Love, without being aware that one way to name Just Love is, “The Spirit of Jesus?”

Another question. Can anyone, anywhere, at any time—past, present, future—motivated by Just Love—manifest Love in the world because, aware or unaware, Just Love lives within their heart?

Another question. Could Christian parents, being and doing Just Love with their children, identify this Love as the living presence of Jesus, while, at the same time, teaching their children that people all over the world, with many beliefs and throughout time, also are, and have been, expressions of Just Love.

Another Question. Can children raised this way, doing and being Just Love throughout their lives, learn to recognize this Love and celebrate this Love wherever it is found?

Final Question. Is this what it means to believe in Christ, in Jesus, in the Spirit of Jesus, the Universal Christ; found always and everywhere throughout creation, from the beginning to the end; the Alpha and the Omega?

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