Adults and Children Together

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Click on the Link Below to Watch with the Children

“God and the Animals, Part 2”

Notice the monarch’s drooping wings.  Having just been transformed into a butterfly, the wings are wet and heavy.  Kathy must wait to place this beautiful creature on a flower until the wings are dry and the monarch can fly.

Adults, Please listen to the song, “Beautiful Creatures,”
by clicking on the following link

Beautiful Creatures (lyrics)

There’s a knot in my gut
As I gaze out today
On the planes of the city
All polychrome grey
When the skin is peeled off it
What is there to say?
The beautiful creatures are going away
Like a dam on a river
My conscience is pressed
By the weight of hard feelings
Piled up in my breast
The callous and vicious things
Humans display
The beautiful creatures are going away
Why? Why?
From the stones of the fortress
To the shapes in the air
To the ache in the spirit
We label despair
We create what destroys
Bind ourselves to betray
The beautiful creatures are going away

Bruce Cockburn

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