Adults and Children Together

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Granddaughter Alison Manko, High School Graduation Photo

“Teach the children to pray!”  Teach the children that they can count on their God.  Teach them that they are unconditionally loved, no if’s and’s or but’s.  Just Loved!  Oh, and make a commitment to pray for each child God has put in our care, by name, every day, and make it personal, specific, and powerful.  Pray like you mean it.  Be prayer.  Be Love. 

During her senior year, I wrote the following prayer for Alison.  It is about time to pen a new prayer.

Maker of Heaven and Earth, Lord of Life, you are perfect love.  I thank you God that You are surrounding Alison with this love as her new day begins.  You are riding beside her in her red 2006 Corolla as she drives to school, before the sun rises, for swim practice.  You are keeping her strong in the presence of her peers.  She is being herself, living her own values, no matter the pressures of others.  Knowing how much she is loved, she is facing a pop quiz in Chemistry with confidence.  In history class she is thinking her own thoughts about what is true and what is right.  Help her remember how much the people who know her best respect her ability to take a stand and not back down.  Even when she is so busy she does not ask for help, God you are helping her to carry the burdens that come her way.  You are easing the trials that confront her among her friends and her family.  You are strengthening her in self-discipline so she can pursue her goals with every expectation of success.  You, the God of her understanding, are never judging or condemning Alison.  You are always on her side, never rejecting, always accepting.  In this way you and others who love her are trusting her to correct her mistakes, learn for every failure, and in Your good and perfect time find the purpose of her life and the people who will help her to live that purpose in fullness and with grace.  Alison is finding hope and being love.  Amen.

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