Adults and Children Together

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When I was leading Family Cluster groups back in the 1980’s, I frequently turned to a unique resource for intergenerational spiritual education; Parenting for Peace and Justice.  For the past 40 years, nothing like it has been written, until now (as far as I know)

Lydia Wylie-Kellerman, and her community of friends and colleagues, just published, The Sandbox Revolution; Raising Kids for a Just World

What a great recource!  When I have completed my reading of this book, I will write a full review in Whittlings, as well as other affirmations. 

For now, I want to refer you to two chapters related to the theme of these issues of “Weekly Whittlings.”

Chapter 2:  “Money”—Susan Taylor introduces us to the term, “Alternative Economy,” which is approached every time we seek something more whole and holy than transactional relationships and economics.  (I will be addressing this topic even more in next week’s issue.)  She writes:

  • Money is too often the root of injustice and the source of conflict.  It is the foundation of an economy that doesn’t work for most people or communities and certainly not for the planet.
  • What a subversive statement:  I will limit myself…”  Her generosity is a subversive act I try to learn from.
  • …he sold his family’s farm for a price well below market value to make it possible for a distant cousin to raise his own family on that land.
  • I feel like our kids have been blessed and victimized by our aversion to the traditional American consumerist lifestyle, in comparison to their peers.  But, they’ve grown accustomed to it.
  • If we don’t talk about money, our children’s financial education will come from advertisers.

Chapter 5:  “Spirituality”—Dee Dee Risher trusts that each family will have its own ideas on what spiritual development and resilience are all about.  She then outlines some of the themes her family has focused on:

  • I wanted them to see, very early on, the unspeakable wonder of other life-forms; plant, animal, mineral.  I wanted them to realize that they are part of the fabric of creation—a weave in the cloth, not the dominating master of the universe.
  • Should this planet survive human habitation, it will be because our children learned to care again, relentlessly and more deeply, for the earth.
  • For many of us, diversity must be sought out, and it may demand the social relocation of the family.
  • It is very important to us to give our children a connection to sacred scripture.  We gave them the poetic, just visions of the prophets and the compassion and openness of  Jesus.

The Sandbox Revolution, and the stories and wisdom shared by the writers, can give your family a lifetime of ideas for creation care, justice building, living in sustainable communities, and adapting faithfully to whatever happens next.

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