About Us
Traces of God Ministries

Our Mission Statement:

To continue the ministry of Jesus to his disciples as He taught them to pray.

How We Do This:

  • Provide a place of retreat, for the purposes of learning to pray, learning to discern God’s presence and leading, rest, encouragement, and spiritual counsel.
  • Provide individual spiritual direction.
  • Give presentations and lead events that help people find hope and be love amidst the predicaments that confront humanity.
  • Support the spiritual life of the community of Hide-Away-Hills where our ministry is located.
  • Network with other ministries of spiritual formation, such as the Spirituality Network, and local churches.
  • Partner with inter-faith organizations.
  • Provide spiritual guidance through a quarterly spiritual formation newsletter.
  • Remain open to God’s leading in discerning the foci of our ministry.