A Zoom Conversation: In the Midst of Extreme Climate Events and Other Perils, What and How do we teach our children? Sat Sept 4th @ 12:30p Eastern

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Hello Dear Friends,

This is a gentle reminder of our zoom gathering this next:

Saturday, September 4, 930a – 11a Pacific Time.

We are looking forward to gathering together: concerned parents and grandparents, any age-appropriate children who may wish to participate, folks who are active content creators (video, written, other…) who are interested sharing what they now produce for this community of collapse-aware families – and possibly interested in evolving their media content to be even more beautiful, engaging, informative, and supportive.

We are particularly curious if there will be any shared interest in making: new friendships, alliances, or possible collaborative projects as a result of this brief gathering.

All are welcome to invite others in your life who seem likely to have an interest in creating more internal and external resources for collapse-aware families, including possible media including video and written materials, music, and more.


Here is our agenda for our gathering, as of Monday, August 30…


September 4 Zoom Conversation
(Supporting Collapse Aware Parenting) 
9:30-11a AM, Pacific Time

9:30 AM (Pacific Time)

Introduction–Dean Walker

9:40 Each participant introduces themselves–2 minutes, moderated by Ken Whitt

10:00 Each participant speaks for 2 minutes of the children we love, ages, needs, our relationships and concerns, the concerns of the children and needed resources, moderated by Dean.

10:20  Each person shares current passions, projects and activities on behalf of children and families for 2 minutes, moderated by Ken.

10:40 Each person has about a minute to mention internal and external  resources not already shared that support resilience in their lives and families, moderated by Dean.

10:50 Open conversation on the desire / need, or not, for next steps, support and collaboration.


Here are a few very optional resources you may want to enjoy, as a way of seeing a bit of what Dean and Ken have been creating recently, in support of the collapse-aware community and parents.

First a few offerings from Ken Whitt…

“Dar Jamail, at the end of his book, The End of Ice, suggests that those of us who know what is happening to our planet decide, carefully, reflectively—I add, prayerfully—what the purpose of our lives will be from this time forward. 

I have decided, and this is clear in my book (God Is Just Love, Building Spiritual Resilience and Sustainable Communities for the Sake of Our Children and the Creation), my weekly Newsletter (Weekly Whittlings,) and everything else that is going on in my life, that my life is dedicated to the children, that they might daily have fun, find hope, and know and be love, no matter what is happening in the world around them. 

If you go to You Tube and search on Dr. Ken Whitt, you will find some of my grandfatherly, rather than professional, efforts.  (here is the link directly to my YouTube channel… https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=Dr+Ken+Whitt )

I would be grateful if you had a chance to look at some of the videos before our gathering on Saturday.


Now a sample of an interview from Dean’s podcast, The Poetry of Predicament… and, our special focus curated content and podcast, Take My Hand, Conscious Parenting in a Time of Stolen Dreams…

A link to an interview with  Becca Martenson (now Becca Young Allen) and her two daughters. Becca and her then husband Chris are truly trailblazers for the entire collapse-aware community. They have not only created a very functional alternative (more off-the-grid) lifestyle for their family, they have also created a way to deeply empower themselves and their children to be empowered and connected with abundant internal and external resources, in the face of a predicament-laden world.


We will be sending out the Zoom link information again on Saturday morning… and here it is now…

Meeting ID: 821 9219 6189

Thank you all for your interest in this gathering, and, more importantly, in your commitment to discovering new, potent resources for families throughout the collapse-aware community.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or suggestions…

Dean Walker
YouTube channel—The Poetry of Predicament
Ken Whitt
YouTube channel, (video shorts & stories for children)   “Dr. Ken Whitt”

Comments? We'd love to hear from you.