A Word to Parents, Grandparents, Teachers And Everyone Who Cares for Children

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Sanctuary Church Columbus, Community Group Family Gathering

What do I tell the children?  About how the world is changing, as in climate change.  As in the perils they will face in their futures, like the depletion of resources, such as topsoil?  As in increasingly severe storms and how they affect our lives—giving them facts, for example, about the fragility of the power grid and how to be ready for an emergency?  What is the truth my children must know?  What and when do I tell them?  How do I tell them? 

Those who love children have always asked questions like this, but now the need to decide what we tell our children is more immediate.  And, sometimes they will ask us questions we are unprepared for, such as, “Is the forest around our home going to catch fire?”  Are we prepared to tell the truth in a helpful, not overly frightening, way?

Many people are asking the question, “What do I tell the children?  While writing my book, God Is Just Love, Building Spiritual Resilience and Sustainable Communities for Our Children and the Creation, I explored and shared many answers.  My search and sharing continue. 

I really could use your help.  I have begun to create, and share with you, a series of short videos with the overall title, “At Our Whitt’s End.”  Each is an answer to the questions millions of parents are asking about the truth we tell our children.  Each is a practical answer, not a theoretical one.  Some will be more-or-less appropriate to various age groups and different personalities.  You, of course, have to decide such things for yourself.

I will get better at providing examples of truth-telling to children as I receive your feedback, especially as you share the video shorts with your children and report to me how they responded.  And in the process, you will discover your own answers on how best to tell the children joyful and painful truth about the world they live in.  I would love to hear from you at drkenwhitt@gmail.com or through the reply feature of our newsletter/website found at godisjustlove.com.  The videos will be collected and made available on YouTube; search for Dr. Ken Whitt

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