A Devotional Word From Larry Buxton From Day 3 Of “30 Days With King David” With My Reflection

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What Is the Giant?

On Day 3, David is trying to convince King Saul that he is the one to be sent to the front lines to do battle with Goliath, the Philistine’s giant. What is David’s best argument?  That would be, 1 Samuel: 17:46-47.

I come against you in the name of the LORD Almighty…this day the Lord will hand you      over to me.

David’s argument is that HE KNOWS THAT HE NEEDS GOD.  GOD IS WITH ME.  Larry Buxton then adds, “David brings into play what scholar Walter Bruggemann calls “an equalizer”:  David has God.  David has God’s vision. 

My margin notes from my first reading of Day 3 awhile back remind me that that day I was focused on the importance of the vision given to me by God.  That vision was and is my equalizer in the seemingly impossible calling to share the message of my then just released book, God Is Just Love.  No need to fear.  This is God’s work.  God’s purpose.  God’s plan.  God wins.  Love wins.  No need to fear.  I needed to hear exactly that message.

Last week, as I devotionally read Day 3 again, the message from God to me was entirely different.  I could not stop thinking about the giants in our world.  In your reading of the signs of the times, who today is the Goliath that must be defeated so that God’s will can be done on Earth as it is in Heaven?  How formidable is this giant; say racism, pandemic, poverty, violence, the weather?  What about the greed giant and all the other idolatries that are served by the principalities and powers that rule in the high places; government, business, entertainment, religion? 

So much fear possesses our lives.  Despair is rampant in our world.  Few remain confident that Just Love wins.  Many are preparing for war, because that is the only way they know how to cope with the fear giant; hate, scape goat the vulnerable, conquer, kill.

Are there any David’s in the crowd who know they need God and also know that Just Love is indeed standing beside them, living within them, and dwelling among the community that supports them?    

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