A Devotional Word for Followers of Jesus, From Oswald Chambers, Through Me, To You March 17, 2021

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“Have a Message, and Be One”

March 10:  We are [saved] to be…sons and daughters of God.  …the message must be part of ourselves.  The Son of God was His own message…The natural heart will do any amount of serving, but it takes the heart broken…and crumpled into the purpose of God before the life becomes the sacrament of its message….  Before God’s message can liberate other souls, the liberation must be real in you.”

In my book, God Is Just Love, I often repeat a phrase of just two words that has had a jolting effect on some readers.  “Be love.”  We are more familiar with “be loving,” which suggests acting in a loving way.  But following Jesus is not about activity, it is about identity.  Oswald Chambers and I are echoing the oft sounded message of Jesus that we can “be” the light, be the salt, be the love that an “unloved other” (Zacchaeus, Matthew, Mary, the Samaritan Woman at the Well) needs to be redeemed. 

Who are you, brother/sister Christian?  Can you affirm, “I am love”?

What else?  “Nothing else is required of me. Just Love.”

The next obvious question is, “How am I, a mixed-up mess of a human being, going to be transformed into just love.  Nothing to it, Oswald Chambers makes it very clear.  First we say, “Yes,” I will follow you, Lord Jesus.  Then we are “batter’d to shape and use” by life.  Ask any Christian who seems to “Be Love.”  They will tell you about the battering.

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