A Devotional Word for Followers of Jesus, From Oswald Chambers, Through Me, To You, January 20, 2021

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As I have said before, Oswald Chambers was my devotional mentor every day for 25 years. I have returned to his wisdom and spirit for 2021. I am beginning to think this return was just in the nick of time. He seems to speak to my soul each and every day. Today, January 15, he introduces us to the phrase, “White Funeral.” I did not remember this phrase but I definitely remember and believe the message.

January 15: There must be a white funeral, a death that has only one resurrection—a resurrection into Jesus Christ. Nothing can upset such a life. It is one with God for one purpose, to be a witness for him….Death means you stop being. Do you agree that you stop being the earnest, striving kind of Christian you have been?

Did you notice? Oswald Chambers reminds us that there are different kinds of Christians.

Relatively few Christians even approach their white funeral. They circle around it, consider it, but prefer a self-chosen and comfortable path. We say we believe in resurrection but the fear of death belies our words.

Most of the Christians I know who are not afraid of death are those who have almost died and have been brought back, from the edge, by God, and given a second chance.

You can tell how far you are from such a white funeral by how many things continue to upset you, like when your plans are upended by a virus.

Friends, when we die with Christ, die to our personal preferences, comforts, privileges and expectations of what a good Christian life looks and feels like, crisis can not topple us. Death can not frighten us. In a world where much is being upended, this is the only non-upsetting way to live. This is why I speak so often of growing in spiritual resilience.

By the way, there is only one thing that never dies and never needs to be resurrected. Just Love never needs to be resurrected because it never dies because it was never born because it is the eternal “I Am.”

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