A Devotional Word for Followers of Jesus From Oswald Chambers, Through Me, To You – August 17, 2021

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Why are you fearful, O you of little faith?  Matthew 8:26

“Our Lord has the right to expect that those who name His name should have an understanding confidence in Him.  God expects His children to be so confident in Him that in any crisis they are the reliable ones.” (OC)

Friends, would you be willing to make a list that begins with some of the bad things that have happened to you–but not all that bad, like a flat tire in the rain—beginning with the least bad and proceeding to the worse and the worst?  Then, after you have listed the “worst bad,” would you be willing to continue building your list by adding ever more horrible items that have not happened to you, but could in the future, like, a terminal cancer diagnosis, or something much worse?

Would you be willing to bring to awareness, and add to your list, catastrophes that you can barely imagine?  Then stretch your list of imaginary horrors even further?

Would you then be willing to go back over your list and write the word, “STOP,” at exactly the point in your list where you are reasonably certain that you would no longer be able to be confident in God if this or that were to happen to you?

Would you then be willing to share your STOP with God and pray fiercely that God would lead you towards greater and greater confidence in your Lord so that you could arrive, in God’s perfect time, at a place where you are reasonably certain that nothing, nothing in all creation, could separate you from the Love of God that is yours in Christ Jesus your Lord?

This has always been a critical theme for Christians—learning to trust God no matter what.  Today?  I am certain that all of us need to focus on spiritual growth more and more each day.  The times are changing rapidly and radically and spiritual resilience has never been more important that it is now.  (KCW)

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