A Devotional Word for Followers of Jesus, From Oswald Chambers, Through Me, To You – Jan 11

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On January 11, for 25 years, 1982-2007, I read the same devotional reading from Oswald Chambers. I don’t think I ever applied it to myself. This reading, I clearly understood, was written for missionaries who “callously” moved their families to darkest Africa or the Jungles of Borneo, and “cold-heartedly” took the grandchildren with them, leaving the grandparents with their mountainous grief. Consider these instructional words of Chambers to missionaries in training:

If we obey God, it is going to cost other people more than it costs us, and that is where the sting comes in….If we obey God it will mean that other people’s plans are upset, and they will gibe us with it. “You call this Christianity?” We can prevent the suffering; but if we are going to obey God, we must not prevent it, we must let the cost be paid.”

Oswald Chambers does then go on to say that God will look after the people we love who are struggling in some way or the other because of our obedience to God.

This year, 2021, I cannot do other than to realize that this message is intended for me. It would take a couple of pages to explain how the call I am following right now impact members of my family; but the real issue right this instant is all about you, the reader. What’s next? Will you go wherever God leads? Into whatever future unfolds? Will you allow God to take care of others impacted by your stepping out and going forward on God’s behalf?

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